MobileViews Podcast 209: Sans Todd

I was unable to participate in my own podcast! But, Jon Westfall and Don Sorcinelli carried on without me…

  1. Todd’s new site. Have not launched it yet. But, if you would like to share your doodles somewhere, you can do so from your own site.
  2. Amazon buying Whole Foods. Will instantly give Amazon 460 physical stores in the US, Canada, and the UK.
  3. Microsoft Modern Keyboard has a fingerprint reader but costs $130.
  4. Also a Microsoft Modern Mouse
  5. Forbes: Google Backup & Sync launching on June 30
  6. Jon’s Latest Discovery: CrashPlan “Headless” on Linux. Great for VPSes. $150 a year for up to 10 computers, unlimited backup, unlimited versions.
  7. A former co-worker of mine posted the following on Facebook – “With the restrictions on carrying on laptops on international flights and the threat of having your phone surrendered to customs agents, it’s a matter of time before IT shops have to maintain “burner” laptops and cell phones that can be used temporarily, but if you lose them or they’re damaged, no big deal.”

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