MobileViews Podcast 207: Travel tech comments, WWDC speculation, & more

Note: I said it was podcast 208 during the recording. It is actually number 207. Sorry ’bout that!

  1. Google Chrome will have a selective ad blocker in 2018. Ref: Google
  2. Google Sheets now has the ability to create graphs and charts by asking questions in words/text. Ref: Google
  3. Amazon Echo now supports named timers. Ref: Amazon
  4. Travel tech observations:

  5. Rented a 2017 Toyota Corolla and found that the built-in USB could charge and iPhone 7+ but not a Nexus 6 when running Google Maps while driving. However, using a third party charge plugged in to what used to be called a cigarette lighter was able to charge the Nexus 6.
  6. You can find more that streets and businesses with Google Maps. Searching for “Yoda fountain” in San Francisco leads you to the statue of Yoda from Star Wars outside of a Lucas Films building in Presidio.
  7. Virgin America’s odd USB ports placement on passenger seats
  8. WWDC 2017. What do we know so far: Ref: MacRumors

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