MobileViews Podcast 196: Windows 10 Creator Edition update & more w/guest Don Sorcinelli

Jon Westfall and I are joined by guest panelist Don Sorcinelli for this podcast. We discuss:

  1. Medium custom domain for one time $75 fee?
  2. ITU 5G specs.Ref: ars technica UK>
  3. Mobile World Congress 2017 an all-Android show. Even BlackBerry and Nokia have gone Android. Ref: The Verge
  4. Windows 10 Creator Update close to release? Ref: and features preview. Ref:
  5. Tip of the week: Microsoft Office Lens, a free app for iOS and Android, can OCR paper documents and save it to a Word file.
  6. What’s going on with Microsoft Whiteboard Seems like it was released and then removed. Jon wants a simple whiteboard app that lets him draw on his tablet, and is viewable on the secondary monitor (e.g., projector). Think Powerpoint Presenter View where Primary see’s all the tools, etc… and the secondary screen just shows the output. Does such a thing exist?

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