MobileViews Podcast 164: Bye bye Microsoft Surface Amateur? Say it ain’t so

Amazon Kindle Oasis

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I (Todd Ogasawara) discuss:

  1. Bye bye Surface Amateur? Ref:
  2. Travel tech: Why forgetting my Moto 360 smart watch on my last trip might have been a good thing
  3. Oh, and Jon also stopped being Cheap this week when it came to CrashPlan (Not a sponsor, but they’ve been a good product for me!). Family plan $150/year.
  4. Jon’s thoughts on the Kindle Oasis: Surprisingly small, excellent reading aesthetics, will I miss the 3G? (Had to get the Wifi to get it on time). About $300+ with the battery-case.
  5. YouTube app live streaming feature not too selective. It was available to me about a week ago. Ref: VentureBeat
  6. Microsoft released its first SharePoint for iOS app this week
  7. Making a phone call to find out what time it is