MobileViews Podcast 134: iOS 9 gripes, Acer Cloudbook 14, new Mac peripherals, & more

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I (Todd Ogasawara) discuss:

– Acer Cloudbook 14 on loan for a a few weeks. What does $200 get you these days?
– Magic Keyboard ($99), Magic Mouse 2 ($79), Magic Trackpad 2 ($129). Ref: The Verge
– Google removed “OK Google” speech trigger from Chrome desktop browsers. Ref: VentureBeat
– OK Apple, it’s mid-october, where’s the new Apple TV and the iPad Pro pre-order? FCC clearance only two days ago (Oct. 16). Ref: 9to5Mac

iOS 9 gripes
– Screen rotation still broken
– Podcast app is unusable (Todd finally switched to Overcast)
– News app is uninteresting
– Breaking News free app
– iCloud backup is inconsistent. Frequently fails.
– iCloud storage usage looks very inaccurate to me. Off by tens of gigabytes.
– “Hey Siri” activation is more inconsistent than in iOS 8
– Display auto-brightness not working well in dim lighting conditions. Display is too dim.

Jon noted
– Big update to iOS iWorks
– Keynote is no longer landscape only
– Multitasking support

Todd noted
– Caseco Blu-toque