MobileViews Podcast 128: Best mobile platform for Microsoft Office? And, Android Wear fragmentation

Jon Westfall and I (Todd Ogasawara) speak with special return guest Jack Cook in this podcast.

  1. Both Android & Windows Phone smartphone market shares lost ground to iPhone in 2Q15.
    Smartphone sales in China now at saturation level.
    96.8 percent of new smartphones sold are either iPhone or Android devices
    And now Samsung has decided to annoy power users – the Note line no longer has removable batteries or SD card, something power users claimed Samsung wouldn’t take away from them.
  2. Are the best mobile devices for use with Microsoft Office the iPhone & iPad?
    Deeper integration between Office documents and Outlook for iOS
    Jack has said in the past that he can just pick up where he left off across devices, but this isn’t just a Windows Phone only feature. is there anything you can do on Windows Phone that you can’t do on iOS / Android now?
  3. Jack encouraged us to take another look at Microsoft OneNote and read what’s new at:

  4. Android Wear fragmentation. Just like Android itself. It gained the ability to have interactive watch faces (interactive complications). But, the new feature only works if the Android Wear based watch is updated too. So, my Moto 360 can install but not use the new watch faces. And, it may be months until it gets updated firmware.
    Android Wear: Stay connected with interactive watch faces
  5. Google OnHub WiFi access point/potentially smart hub. My ExtremeTech article about this:
    Google OnHub is more than just an expensive WiFi router
  6. Jon’s latest (good) experience using ZipGrade in his teaching