MobileViews Podcast 98: Microsoft Windows 10, iOS8 mail app issues, Konspiracy Korner

Todd Ogasawara and Jon Westfall discuss:

Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview
— Why 10 not 9?
— Upgrade process
— Surprised that Metro UI was the default on my tablet.
— Tiles attached to the right of the new Start Menu
— Tiles can be resized, rearranged, etc.
— Left legacy list part of the start menu not touch friendly on an 8-inch tablet display
— Microsoft Bluetooth mouse works fine with Windows 10 tech preview.
— Works with the Bluetooth keyboard I use with the Venue 8 Pro
— Seems like a lot of configuration is done by typing into the Run command line
— Metro apps appear as floating windows on the Desktop.
— Can be resized horizontally but not vertically
— Prefer this much more than the Metro UI

More Apple
— Oct. 16 – rumor of new iPad announcement. Maybe Retina iMac. Yosemite.
— Apple’s mail app frequently crashes after the update. Others have noticed this too.

Say a final farewell to Lotus 1-2-3
So long Lotus 1-2-3: IBM ceases support after over 30 years of code (Ref: The Register (UK))

Product Picks
— Todd: Post-It Note Plus mostly worked as described. Was unable to get all 5 of my test notes to be recognized at the same time. But, the app let me manually add the missing note. Had one color recognition issue (yellow note)
— Jon’s Picks of the Week: TextExpander(Mac OS & iOS, $34.99 & $4.99) & Drafts(iOS, $4.99). A great combo for sending full responses on the

Konspiracy Korner
Satellites reveal hidden features at the bottom of Earth’s seas (Ref: AAAS Science)