Note to comiXology/Amazon: Hawaii has two “i”-s


Amazon upset a lot of people by disabling the ability to buy comic books in comiXology’s iOS apps (Amazon bought comiXology earlier this year). My ComicsViews podcast cohost, Jay Stone, was so upset by this change that he deleted the app from his iPad. He was not the only person incensed by this change to avoid paying Apple its 30% iTunes in-app-purchase cut. Amazon tried to appease comiXology’s customers but offering a $5 credit after the app change and, more recently, offering a free digital comic book every day for 20 days starting this past Memorial Day (May 26, 2014). However, I discovered one more annoying aspect to this change for iOS device users who can no longer purchase through the app: Forced to use comiXology’s web browser interface to make a purchase, I noticed that my home state’s name is spelled incorrectly – It is “Hawaii” with two “i”-s, not one. With the understanding that I make spelling errors/typos like everyone else, you would think comiXology or Amazon would have staff checking for this sort of error.

FYI: You can hear Jay and I discuss the comiXology iOS app issue in ComicsViews Podcast 51.