September 2012

MobileViews Podcast 59: What’s with all the iPhone 5 rants?

Todd Ogasawara, Emil Reyes, and Jay Stone try to make sense of the rants about the iPhone 5 after its announcement and pre-order availability in MobileViews Podcast 59 (just under one hour long).

You can see a full-size model of the as-yet unavailable iPhone 5 that Emil created with a 3D printer in white in the photo to the left. An actual iPhone 4 is in front of it to provide a size comparison. You can learn more about Emil’s company’s 3D modeling and printing services on their website linked below.

Rapid Technology

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Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 in this century?

Samsung does not have a great track for providing platform upgrades for Android or Windows Phone devices. However, I had a slim glimmer of hope that my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 tablet might get Jelly Bean when I saw this update screen appear a few days ago. Alas, it was only some kind of minor stability update from Samsung.

So, I tweeted a question to @SamsungMobileUS asking them about an update. You can see their response to me in the screenshot below: @toddogasawara We don’t have any information on this update just yet, but stay tuned for news!


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