Apps updated for my iPhone or iPad in the past week: 38

Thirty eight (38) apps were updated for my iPhone or iPad in the past week. Here’s a summary of the updates that I found interesting.

Crackle 2.4.8 New movies & TV shows added (Sony)

Flipboard 1.9.3 Connect to Google+. Login to YouTube.

Genius Scan+ 3.0 Uploads take place in the background. System notifications of upload status. New organization features. Sort by update or name.

iThoughtsHD 4.0 Auto-numbered topics. Import/export Freemind/Freeplane attributes. Search for maps by name. New in-app purchase option ($3.99). Note: I’m not happy with the idea that an app that cost me $9.99 has a for-fee add-in that costs another $3.99.

Tumblr 3.0.0 Redesigned dashboard. Spotify support. New image viewer. Faster. Camera shortcut: Swipe compose button up. Test post shortcut: Swipe compose button left). Offline support.

Waze Find cheapest gas station nearby (US). Redeem Wazer specials at participating gas stations (US). Search for businesses and points of interest. Add a stop on the way to a final destination. View full turn-by-turn instructions by tapping the nav bar.