Apps updated for my iPhone & iPad in the past week: 7

The last week of the calendar year is always a slow one for app updates because Apple, for the most part, shuts down during that week. Still, seven apps updates showed up for my devices. 2.5.2

CNN App for iPad 1.5.0 America’s Choice 2012 Election Center for iPad available.

glmps 2.0.1 Share visual status update on Facebook, Twitter, & Mixi. Post to blog via TUmblr, Blogger, & Posterous. Checkin with Foursquare & Foodspotting.

IMDb 2.4.2

Steer Clear Mobile (State Farm) 2.0.3

Steinway Etude 2.1 Refer to this previous blog entry: Steinway Etude for iPad sheet music app now works with AirTurn Bluetooth page turner

USA Today 1.9.1