Podcast 40: Nuance Dragon Dictation for iPhone – Sr. VP/GM Michael Thompson

In Podcast 40, I speak with Nuance Mobile Sr. VP & General Manager Michael Thompson about the recently released Nuance Dragon Dictation app for iPhone. This free app can record you speaking in chunks up to 30 seconds long. Multiple 30 second speech bites can be combined into a single message.

Dragon Dictation 1.1.0

One discussion item of particular note is the privacy issue. And, if you download the freshly released 1.1.0 update, you’ll note that one change is the ability to delete previously uploaded contact names from their server and to opt out of uploading contact names going forward. Nuance does not obtain any other information except the contact name. So, I feel comfortable leaving my contact names on their server to help with speech-to-text transcriptions.

Mike also mentioned that more apps are on their way from Nuance and hinted at something called Dragon Search. Keep an eye and ear out for it!