July 2009

Podcast 31: Bytemarks Cafe Radio Program – Gadget Panel Discussion

This podcast is a rebroadcast of a radio program on Hawaii Public Radio named Bytemarks Cafe. Its hosts are Burt Lum and Ryan Ozawa. Paul Lawler and I were guests on this gadget oriented episode originally broadcast on July 22, 2009. This podcast version is reproduced with the permission of Bytemarks Cafe.

This podcast is 38 minutes 31 seconds long.

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Expansys Offering Unlocked iPhone 3G in US


Hmm. Just took a look at Expansys‘ weekly specials email message and noticed a “Factory unlocked iPhone 3G” (8GB model) for $674.99. I think this is the first time I’ve seen an iPhone offered as “factory unlocked”.


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Apple (AAPL) Market Cap Larger Than Google (GOOG) – A Back & Forth Battle

Just noticed that Apple’s (AAPL) market cap is now larger than Google’s (GOOG):

AAPL: $141.73 billion
GOOG: $139.92 billion

I should note that the AAPL and GOOG have been very close in market cap for several years now and have been trading places one upping each other for over two years now.

Next in AAPL’s sites? Maybe Microsoft (MSFT) whose share price dropped 9% so far today and who yesterday reported large double digit percentage losses in all kinds of metrics. MSFT’s current market cap is $206.83 billion.


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Nokia N96 30.033 Firmware Restabilized My Phone

I’ve noticed small quirky annoying problems with the Nokia N96 since I updated its firmware around May (if memory serves me correctly). The N96 couldn’t “remember” my voice mail number (123) after repeatedly entering it and seeing a message saying it was stored. Camera would not attach GPS geotags to photos even though I repeatedly set it to on in the camera app’s settings. The N96 also seemed to lose its Bluetooth connection to devices that had worked spectacularly well with it for months.

On a whim I checked to see if a new firmware release was available for it today and installed version 30.033 dated June 18, 2009. So far it looks like the voicemail number setting is sticking. I thought the camera’s GPS setting was too. But, a quick just a moment ago showed it had reverted back to off in the past hour. I didn’t notice any Bluetooth drop to a BT car speaker. But, that problem only showed up a couple of times a week (not daily).


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