MobileViews Mini-Podcast 5: MobileAppsToday Podcast Name Change

Anyone who has taken a look around lately knows that we are in tough economic times. And, unfortunately, I’m not anymore immune to it than any other ordinary person. The owner (WebMediaTrends) of the blogs I’ve been editing told last week Wednesday (Mar. 18, 2009) that business conditions led them to decide to shut both the and blogs for which I served as the Editor. So, my co-Editor Bryan Barletta and I were both let go as of this past Friday (Mar. 20). I will, however, continue to write items for the surviving mobile industry focused blog as a freelance writer. However, I will be writing on a much reduced schedule. You can read my announcement on that blog at…

MobileApps & MobileDevices Folded Into MobileContentToday

The good news is that the MobileAppsToday/MobileDevicesToday Podcasts were always my own personal side project. So, I own the feed and its contents. As you can see here, I plan to continue to produce mobile technology focused podcasts going forward. If you have topics or guests to suggest, please let me know. And, if you are interested in sponsoring the podcast or a podcast segment, please contact me for further discussions.