Nokia & Windows Mobile Flagship Smartphone Products?

This is a rebuttal to my blogging partner’s comment that Nokia and Windows Mobile does not have flagship products.

Nokia has both current & future flagship phones. Their current flagship phone is the N96 although I’ve noted Nokia product experts (I don’t consider myself one of those) sometimes note they prefer the older N95. Their soon-to-be released N97 (with QWERTY keyboard) will be their 2009 flagship product when it is released in a few months. Microsoft Windows Mobile doesn’t have a flagship product because they do not make phones. For Microsoft to designate one of their many manufacturer’s models as a “flagship” model would alienate their other hardware partners. That said, there are several Windows Mobile smartphones such as the HTC Touch Pro, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, or Pantech Matrix Pro that might be considered flagships.

Originally posted as a comment by Todd Ogasawara on MobileDevicesToday using Disqus.