October 2008

Recommendations Request for MobileAppsToday Mobile App of the Week

I launched a new weekly feature over on my day-job-blog: MobileAppsToday.com called App of the Week. The recognition cuts across all the major mobile smartphone platforms. You can find the announcement and the first App of the Week, Ilium Software’s eWallet, at…

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I think I can do a pretty good job IDing apps for Windows Mobile, iPhone, and Google Android. But, since I’m not a Blackberry or Symbian Series 60 (Nokia, etc.) user, I could use some help ID-ing apps that people should know about in those areas. If you have a recommendation or a write-up on your own site, please let me know. If you look at my site, you know I provide full attribution when I find something interesting on other sites/blogs. So, I’d be happy to link to your review or commentary on app.

Of course, I would be grateful to pointers to good apps for Windows Mobile, iPhone, and Google Android too. The somewhat lesser known apps would be good. I’d like to try to give awareness of interesting products to end-users and a way for developers to make a living. Freeware or for-fee products are all fine for recommendations.


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T-Mobile Dash Batteries Seem to Have Short Lifespans

My first T-Mobile Dash battery went bad after about a year of use. This was around last March or April (2007). I bought a new replacement battery through T-Mobile around that time. Today, I noticed that my battery was at 2% charge after turning it on. I had fully charged the battery the night before and turned off the phone after the battery was charged. I fully charged the battery after noticing this and then used it like I normally do. The battery was down to about 50% at the end of the day (night). Normally, the battery is between 70 and 80% capacity after a 14 hour or so period.

This sudden drop in charge capacity is very similar to what I saw in the original battery when it started to go bad. However, this time the second battery went bad in less than 7 months of use. That seems awfully short to me. I’m not going to buy a third battery, however. My T-Mobile G1 (Google Android) phone should arrive sometime next week. So, I’ll either switch to a different phone or muddle along with awful battery life for another 10 days or so.

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Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger: USB Charger is Useless

I bought this Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger recently hoping it would solve two problems at once. First, it is smaller than the power strip I’ve been carrying on trips for years. So, it would reduce luggage volume and weight slightly (every ounce counts). Second, it also has two USB charging ports. My hope was that it would help me eliminate one or two USB charging transformers.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the USB ports only provides 500mA per port. Most USB chargers I have lying around are a full 1A. Basically, my devices don’t even see power when plugged into the Belkin’s USB port and doesn’t charge. I tried a couple of HTC Windows Mobile phones and found that none of them saw power when plugged into the Belkin.

However, it is still a useful and small power string and surge protector with three grounded A/C outlets. So, I’m taking it on my trip to San Jose next week. I won’t be using it to charge anything from its USB ports though.

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