More HP 2133 Mini-Note Reviews: Brighthand and PC World

I’m still debating whether to buy the Asus Eee PC 900 (unreleased) or the soon-to-be-available HP 2133 Mini-Note. Here are two more good reviews for anyone else considering the HP Mini-Note. Brighthand’s review…
HP 2133 Mini-Note Review

…includes some interesting benchmarks against other sub-notebooks as well as a video comparing an Asus Eee PC running Windows XP booting up side-by-side with an HP Mini-Note running Windows Vista. The Mini-Note takes twice as long to get to a usable screen – about 90 seconds.

The PC World video review…

HP’s New Mini-Laptop Versus a Tiny Asus Eee

…also compares the Asus Eee PC with the HP Mini-Note, but not in the benchmark sense that Brighthand does. PC World focuses more on the physical aspects such as the keyboard (HP’s is better) and the more solid HP casing.

I wonder if it might make more sense for me to buy the HP Mini-Note model running SUSE Linux instead of Windows XP or Vista. Linux should screen on a box with the specs the HP Mini-Note has. Hmm.