jkOnTheRun has a Detailed Hands-On Review of the HP 2133 Mini-Note Eee PC Competitior

I’m still trying to figure out which mini-notebook to buy. The Everex Cloudbook was eliminated a while back based on initial negative reviews. The FlipStart looked interesting. But, it looks like its firesale price was because it is discontinued. I actually bought an OLPC XO. But, while it probably meets the needs for which it was intended (education in developing nations), it is not suitable for my needs (or my daughter’s as it turns out). The thing that started this whole low-end ultraportable trend, the Asus Eee PC, is still my most likely purchase. I’m currently waiting for the new Eee PC 900 to hit the market before buying anything. In the meantime, HP announced the HP 2122 Mini-Note that looks like a contender. jkOnTheRun has an excellent review with lots of photos of this ultraportable at…

jkOnTheRun review- hands on with the HP Mini-Note UMPC

It looks like it will start shipping next week. Debating whether I should buy the HP or the Asus Eee now. Hmm… I wonder if the HP Mini-Note can boot from any USB connected CD/DVD drive if I ever need to re-install Linux or Vista on it?
I should also note that the official Asus Eee PC site is nearly useless for information about their own products. If you want more up-to-date Eee PC news and information, this is the blog/site I head to for Eee info.