Microsoft ActiveSync Troubleshooting

Guy Williams posted the following question on my O’Reilly Windows DevCenter blog. My response includes a bunch of llinks which might be a bit much for the blog response box there. So, I’m posting a reply here.

I just bought a Treo 700wx from Sprint. I cannot get ActiveSync to recognize the phone (when the phone is connected via USB cable).

The error says “Active Sync cannot connect to the Windows Mobile powered device. To troubleshoot the problem, click ok.”

I spent about 8 hours yesterday along with many (10+) calls to Sprint to get the phone working with the Activesync software that came standard with it. I went through levels 1,2 and 3 of Sprint support. I was connected this morning to Sprint’s special “TREO Activesync” department. No one could get the software running so that I could sync with the Treo 700wx.

At this point, I am at a total loss regarding what to do. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

The first thing you should check is whether you have a software firewall (e.g., Zone Alarm) running. If so, check out my blog item:

ActiveSync 4.1 for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 devices released

If that is not the case, check out the following ActiveSync troubleshooting guides. What Does the Troubleshooter for ActiveSync Do? ActiveSync 4.x Troubleshooting Guide – General

There’s also an item specifically focused on the Treo 700w (one generation older than the 700wx) at: ActiveSync Troubleshooter – More Options