MobileViews Podcast 381: Meta-who? Mobile fast food orders; Wacom tracking you?

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Facebook renamed their parent company to “Meta”. Do we care?
  2. The first images of the Facebook smart watch have leaked . Can FB really do anything new in this space? And would you trust them?
  3. Interesting piece on how mobile ordering is pretty stressful for Chipotle workers. Makes one think about the intersection of technology and human limitations.
  4. Discussion topic: Oura announced Gen 3 of their ring (which Jon bought last year). Same price ($299), however first 6 months are free then you have to pay a monthly subscription to access all data (Otherwise you just get 3 scores, nothing deeper). Gen 2 users get $50/$75 off and lifetime access
  5. Wacom tablets tracking your app use?
  6. Google resolve DNS
  7. Ableton: Learning to make music with just a web browser

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