MobileViews Podcast 350: Catching up with Arne Hess in Germany

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I welcome our old friend Arne Hess in Germany to catch up with him — and making for a rare trans-pacific and trans-atlantic podcast. The most surprising thing we heard from Arne was that he has not seen any discussions of Chromebooks in his part of the world.

  1. Questions for Arne: What are you using now?
    Exercise tech
    Drone tech
  2. Waiting for iOS 14.5 so I can unlock my iPhone when wearing a facemask. Ref: MacRumors
  3. Tested the $60 One by Wacom tablet with a Macbook Pro and the free Autodesk Sketchbook software
  4. Jon’s been playing with Homebridge connecting all of his miscellaneous IoT devices to homekit. Amazed with how quickly it’s been to set it up (running it in a Docker container). Also cool that it can trigger unix commands – so if you can shell script it, you can hook it in! (cmdswitch2 plugin)

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