MobileViews Podcast 347: Interesting products at CES 2021

In this Podcast, Jon Westfall and I focus on a few products announced during CES 2021 last week that may actually be available as a product you can buy in the near future.

  1. ~12GB macOS Big Sur update waiting for my MacBook Pro. Still holding off on this update
  2. AI set to replace humans in cybersecurity by 2030, says Trend Micro
  3. Withings Thermo – smart Temporal Thermometer
    $99 from Amazon. However, for it for $89 at Sams Club yesterday
  4. ZenBook Duo 14 UX482
    UX482EA product page
    Starts at $999
    Last year the Duo’s predecessor was an interesting expensive oddity
    This year I have an actual use-case for it and the starting config price is a much more affordable $999 (not yet available)
  5. Mudra Band
    Touch Free Control for Apple Watch
    Control music, manage calls and dismiss notifications using effortless finger movements
    $180. Available, allegedly,in March
  6. Jon’s Take on CES 2021: If you aren’t into niche tech (Robotics, Drones, Automation / self-driving Cars) the mainstream stuff was kinda boring. Two interesting products:
    TCL Wearable Display but unfortunately can’t be used as a regular pair of glasses.
    For those who wear makeup: A lipstick pod gadget that can provide an exact shade (within a color family): Kinda cool idea, but I don’t know a lot of women who want to have very subtly different shades of lipstick (For that matter, most women I know these days don’t really wear lipstick that often). Do you really need something “slightly” more red? But along with other lifestyle stuff like Ice cream pods, kinda interesting innovation.
  7. Jon bought a VIVO Desk riser this week ( to convert his last “sitting only” desk to the ability to be stand/sit. Oh, and Zendure support replaced a dead Supertank battery I had (less than a year old). But the location of the serial number was… unreal

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