MobileViews Podcast 340:MobileViews Podcast 340: Apple Silicon M1 Mac mini & MacBook Air first impressions – guest Sven Johannsen

M1 MacBook Air 2020

Jon Westfall and I are joined by guest panelist Sven Johannsen for this podcast. We discuss:

  1. Sven: 5G on iPhone 12 Pro MAX
  2. Happy 25th birthday to The GIMP
  3. M1 Mac Mini
  4. M1 MacBook Air
  5. More MacOS 11 Big Sur
    Preventing Big Sur update on my MacBook Pro so I can continue podcasting
  6. M1 compatibility and M1 apps for MacOS & iOS
    Rogue Amoeba not ready for M1 yet. So, continuing to record podcasts using an Intel-based Mac
  7. Google Chrome for M1 twice as fast as x86 binary in Rosetta 2. And, Chrome x86 worked fine, IMO, using Rosetta 2.
  8. Is Apple Silicon ready?
  9. Infinite Painter iPadOS app for MacOS M1: Use Sidecar to provide touch interface for an M1 enabled iOS app

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