MobileViews Podcast 288: MobileViews Podcast 288: Skype speech-to-text, Google Chromebook Offers, CircleIn, 2014 then and now

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss

  1. While looking for Bokeh feature (apparently only for Windows), we found
    Skype (personal) for MacOS “subtitles on” feature
  2. Using Android apps on a Chromebook (the closest thing Google has to a tablet these days)
  3. Google Chromebook Offers
  4. Concepts – Sketch, Design, Illustrate Android app on a Chromebook
  5. CircleIn App – A new service for students that is making waves in K-12 and Higher Ed. Saw a presentation this week on it and met with Director of Innovation. Really excited to partner with them.
  6. Technology pain points – 2014 and now

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