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MobileViews Podcast 194: Random animals

  1. Fun but mostly useless tip: – “random animals”. Note the filter words running horizontally over the images
  2. Amazon Tap gets hands-free mode like Echo devices. Ref: The Verge Does it do it well without the “magic” array microphone?
  3. Ars techica reviews the $549(!!!) Samsung Chromebook Pro with Android apps compatibility
  4. Munich switching back to Windows after a decade of Linux, Open Office, Open Source use. Ref: TechRepublic
  5. Declassified CIA maps. Ref: Smithsonian Magazine
    On the CIA’s Flickr page.
  6. Dangers of our reliance on SMS recovery: Hackers have stolen millions of dollars in bitcoin exploiting it. Ref: Forbes
  7. Samsung battery factory caughter fire.Ref:Gizmodo

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