Remember FloTV? AT&T Just bought its (Qualcomm’s) spectrum

A bit over a year ago, I asked:

Qualcomm Shuttering FLO TV By Year’s End. What Will Happen to the Former UHF Channel 55 Spectrum?

Flo TV streamed TV shows to feature phones with special Qualcomm hardware that processed signals in the spectrum that used to be UHF channel 55. Flo TV was created by Qualcomm to use the spectrum it bought from the FCC. I never quite understood how the service could scale even after speaking with its head of programming back in August 2009.

Podcast 33: FloTV Streaming TV Programs-Jonathan Barzilay, Head of Programming

Now, we learn what will happen to the spectrum it abandoned.

FCC gives approval for AT&T’s $1.93B purchase of Qualcomm spectrum (Washington Post)

The deal also gives AT&T the part of the spectrum that once carried UHF channel 56 in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.