A Different Kind (but important) Mobile Device: My Contigo Mug

I’ve been office-less since my old day job ended on June 30. I just work wherever I have a decent data connection for my new job as Editor of MobileAppsToday.com. I carry around an assortment of mobile gadgets depending on what I am doing while wandering around. But, the three items that are always with me for sure these are my Windows Mobile Dash smartphone (love its thumb keyboard), iPod, and a silver version of the Contigo mug pictured above (I photographed the red one because it looks better in a photo :-). It has three great features: (1) It fits in the car’s cupholder. (2) It does not spill. I held it upside down and shook it while full of water and it remained water tight. (3) It keeps things cold for a long time (hours). The trick I’ve learned is to fill up mostly with ice before leaving home and then fill it up with water or soft drinks while wandering around. Easier to find water or beverages to fill it with than ice.