Staying Away from Windows Live for Windows Mobile

There is no way I am going to install the just released…

Just Released: Windows Live for Windows Mobile

Why? The first listed so-called feature: Synchronize Live contacts with your contacts on the device. My Hotmail/Live Mail contacts list is a mish-mash of MSN (Live) Messenger contacts and other contributors I can’t remember. I do not want it accidentally polluting my less than pristine but still useful contacts list on my WiMo smartphone that has been maintained in various forms for nearly 20 years (starting with the MS-DOS based HP 95LX). And, looking at the rest of the feature list…

# Synchronize your Live email (msn, hotmail, live)
# View graphics, web links and contact photos in emails
# Respond to emails with voice recordings
# Upload photos to your Windows Live Spaces

…I don’t see anything particularly compelling to me.