TyTn Windows Mobile 6 Oddball MP4 Video File Format

The HTC TyTn is a great Pocket PC Professional Edition device. Mine was upgraded to Windows Mobile 6 last year and has been working great. I noticed one oddity about it that finally turned to bite me yesterday though. I noticed that the only video recording format supported is MP4. This didn’t bother me until I tried to bring video recording I made of the line formed outside of a local Apple store yesterday. Nothing I had on a Windows PC or Mac could bring the MP4 file in and edit it. I tried Windows Mobile Maker, VLC Player (which can transcode files), iSquint, and iMovie. All of them complained about the files audio track. I finally ended up uploading the raw MP4 file to YouTube. YouTube was able to deal with it. But, I wish I had be able to put a title on it and maybe splice in a shorter second video file I made.