Google Greasing the Path from Windows Mobile to Android

Google Calendar Outlook Sync

No one has ever accused the folks at Google of being dumb. And, despite their stock (along with nearly every other firm’s stock) tanking lately, the Googlelonions are still a smart bunch. On Tuesday, they provide Google Gears for Windows Mobile. This sure looks like a testing ground for preparing people for working with Google’s Android based phones later this year. Train up those Windows Mobile users so they can defect easily later. Smart. On Wednesday, they provide a tool to sync Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook. Provide an easy way to move the all important calendar data from Windows to the Googlesphere. Brilliant. Now, we just need a simple mechanism to move Contacts data from Outlook to Google and the road to Android will be nearly finished. Very very smart.

I wonder if Microsoft is paying attention to any of this. Or, are they too focused on Yahoo!?