iZoho: Zoho Web Office Suite for the iPhone/iPod touch


Cool sites designed specifically for the iPhone (and by side effect the iPod touch) just keep on coming. I’ve been using the Zoho Creator web database product for almost a month now because it works well both on the desktop as well as mobile devices (not just the iPhone). However, Zoho created a very nice iPhone specific interface found at:


As you can see above, it looks and works fine on an iPod touch too. I hope that new Microsoft VP for Windows Mobile marketing is paying attention to all of this. Designers for major websites essentially do not care if their mobile specific site works on a Windows Mobile smartphone at all. All the focus is on the iPhone. And, soon, the Google Android platform will probably draw from what little attention is left to Windows Mobile. Attention Redmond, it’s time to pay attention to the rest of the world, not just the carriers and large enterprises.