Rumored Apple Sub-notebook

iPod touch, Newton Messagepad 130, and Macbook

I generally don’t mention rumors in my blogs. But, like many people, I’m anxiously waiting to see what Apple announces at its Macworld conference in a couple of weeks (Jan. 14-18). One persistent rumor this past year is that Apple is going to introduce some kind of subnotebook sized device. A couple of people are even speculating that it is touch screen device closer in size and form factor to the old Apple Newton instead of a conventional notebook. That would put it around the size of the Nokia N700 and N800 series devices. If this is true, I sure hope Apple learns the lesson Nokia leanred with the release of the N810 and provide a physical keyboard. I still am not comfortable and fast on the iPod touch’s screen keyboard. And, while there are people who have become proficient with it, I suspect many more are in my situation (slow with lots of errors).