Move Over Palm Foleo, Hello Asustek Eee PC

Despite the mostly negative reaction to the Palm Foleo announcement a while back, I was excited about the possibility of regaining the features I used to have when I used Windows CE Handheld PCs. But, Palm seems to be having problems getting the Foleo out the door (wasn’t it supposed to be available this week???). So, my new object of interest is the Asustek Eee PC. You can see a photo of it in CNet’s Crave area. The Eee’s specs look good: Under 2 pounds, 7 inch LCD display, runs Windows XP (XP is the new Windows 93SE, a stable OS that may never disappear 🙂 or Linux, and priced between $200 and $370 in the US. Compare that to the $600 list (ok $599) for the Foleo.

So, I’m no longer planning to get a Foleo (if it actually ever appears). My new ultraportable target device is the Asustek Eee PC (unless it is delayed and something better is announced :-).