Windows Mobile Terminal Client Port Assignment

Reader M.T. asks: I just read your article: “Get organized with Windows Mobile.” Nice job! I have a question: My tech is about ready to throw my hand held out the window! How can I connect the terminal services to a specific port? We are networked in my office and I can’t seem to connect remotely to my office computer. It doesn’t like the colon after the address and my four digit port number.

Also, is there any version of internet explorer 5.5 or higher that is compatible to Windows 5.0?

M.T.: A fellow Microsoft MVP has a great article about Remote Desktop tips at…
Windows XP Pro Remote Desktop configuration, use and troubleshooting help and tips

…that includes a section on port assignments on the Pocket PC side. Head over to read that article and see if it addresses your question.

I’m not sure what you are asking regarding Interet Explorer. I’m assuming you are asking if there is some newer version you can upgrade to on the Pocket PC. If so, the answer is no.