Is Solar Power Practical for Apple Mobile Devices

MacRumors has an interesting report about an Apple patent filing for solar power technology…

Solar LCD Powered iPods, iPhones, and Laptops

I wonder how practical this is given that most iPods and iPhones seem to be in light blocking cases of some kind and Macbooks are generally used indoors? Any solar energy experts out there have any opinions?


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HYmini Handheld Wind/Solar Generator: Does it Actually Work?

The Hymini is a handheld wind power generator. There is also an optional solar panel that can be used with it. The company behind both products claims in recharge personal electronic products such as cell phones and MP3 players. The devices look reasonably priced. The wind generator is US$49.95 and the solar panel is $24.99. If you want to make a fashion statement, they also provide an armband for the wind generator. Hmm. There’s a bicycle bracket too.

The hurricane season will be upon us in a few months. And, I suspect we may have more brownouts that usual this summer. These gadgets look pretty interesting. Has anyone tried them out? Any comments?

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