MobileViews Podcast 432: Post-Black Friday purchases w/guest Sven Johannsen

Epson FF-680W Photo Scanner

Jon Westfall and I are joined by frequent guest panelist Sven Johannsen for a Post-Black Friday

  • Anker 551 USB-C Hub (8-in-1, Tablet Stand) Sold out on Anker site. Still available on Amazon. $80. Regular $100
  • The virtues of mini-keyboards
  • Things Todd considered but did not buy
    – A smart guitar
    – Sub $100 display with speakers
    – Mechanical keyboard – too expensive!
  • Lots of good sales at Anker, Chargers, Battery Banks, Cables. (Best Buy, Amazon and Anker seem to match.)
  • (The problem with USB C. It’s a connector. The power and data is all over the place, USB 2., 3, 4, Thunderbolt) Good rundown at Rene Richie: USB-C regulation — the BIG problem
  • Dock/Port replicator for 24” iMac, 6-in-1 USB-C Hub for iMac 24? Color coordinated. $64 (regular $80)
  • Google Store Black Friday (Cyber Monday?)
    Half price Nest Audio, Nest Hub (Best Buy, same)
  • Epson FF-680W Photo Scanner ($399 at Epson, more other places, Amazon $499, Walmart $599)—Refurbished/p/B11B237201-N?msclkid=923d06eab9961dae33be65692d798f56
    Does three files. Scanned picture, enhanced picture, back of photo

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