MobileViews Podcast 427: More on low-cost retiree digital workspace; new iPad models; macOS on M2 iPad rumor; Jon’s MacBook Pro woes

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss

  • Retiree digital work area: Lessons learned so far
    $160 mini-PC
    Only has
    USB Type A port
    One HDMI & one VGA
    Bought an $18 3-way HDMI switcher (shipped, not delivered)
    Could this have been solved by spending more than $80 for the LCD monitor? Probably yes. However, it would probably cost more than $80+$18. And, it might not have 3 HDMI ports
    USB-C hub to HDMI
    Macbook works without power to the USB-C hub
    Chromebook needs to have powered USB-C hub (same hub used for both tests)
    Mini-trackball built into a wired keyboard is not a good user experience
  • New iPad models released
    Always amused/annoyed by tech reviews who only see incremental changes from year to year
    Many of us do NOT upgrade every year/model. I’m moving from a ARM Bionic processor to an M2, bypassing the M1. This is a huge jump for me.
    IPad Pro M2 features no-show
    Qi/wireless charging on screen for Apple Watch, AirPods Pro
    MagSafe charging
    Apple Pencil 3 – me: thank goodness
    However, there is a new Pencil Hover feature only on M2 based iPad Pros. Detect Pencil up to 12mm above the display surface
    Giant iPad – 14 or 15 inch display
  • Just a rumor. But…

    MacWorld: MacOS14 may run on the M2 iPad Pro

    “Simplified” MacOS with, presumably, touchscreen support
    Do you really want MacOS on an iPad?
    Would be nice if I could run the MacOS apps I use to record and process podcasts
    Is Stage Manager in iPadOS16 “good enough”?
    Is the USB-C external display support in iPadOS16 good enough?

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