MobileViews Podcast 416: No one wants to be in the office on Fridays; ChromeOS Flex 296 certified devices; Amazon recycling; Subscription-ization of iPhone/iPad apps

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Get ready to flex this summer: ChromeOS Flex is now ready to scale broadly to PCs and Macs

    295 certified devices

  2. Nobody wants to be in the office on Fridays …or any other day
  3. Amazon Recycling Program
    Recycle small consumer electronics for free
  4. The subscription-izaton of iPhone/iPad apps
    Thanks to subscriptions, iPhone apps finally made more money than games
    Discussion question: What are we willing to pay subscription for versus what aren’t we. In other words, what features make it worth it versus which do not?
    Do we buy the argument that our subscription isn’t for specific features, but for “maintenance”?

    Note: I noted that I’m grandfathered into Notability’s pre-subscription plan and that I installed a new universal MacOS version of the app during the podcast. The screenshot above shows that the universal version of the app is nearly 4 times larger than the Intel-only version (746MB vs. 195.4MB)

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