MobileViews Podcast 415

Gadget with no on-device on/off switch. Must use remote control to turn on/off

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Netflix just announced a huge audio upgrade — and you can try it now

    In addition to Apple’s spatial audio

    Thanks to some help from Sennheiser, Netflix is enabling standard two-channel speaker systems — like, say, your basic soundbar, headphones or even your TV’s built-in speakers — to produce spatial audio sound without the need for a surround system. Spatial audio adds extra immersion by creating a 3D sound space, making noises sound like they’re coming from above you as well as on the left and right.

    Bringing Immersive Audio to Our Members Around the World

    Spatial audio on Netflix

  2. The dumbing down of UI/UX
    The clue-ing down of UI/UX – fewer visual cues & options

    The Dumbing Down of UX Designers

    Is it worth having a list of MAC addresses and devices on your home network? With IOT, this is becoming kind of a nightmare! Also Asus Router oddities in features only in app not in web UI.

    If you use the web UI, it assumes you are dumber than if you use an app???

    Tangential: I bought a “swamp cooler” (evaporative) that doesn’t have an on/off switch on the device itself. On/off is only on its (easy to lose/break) remote control

  3. Customer reviews on Amazon (comedic YouTube video) What Shopping On Amazon Feels Like

…Dedicated to Jon’s Mom.

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