MobileViews Podcast 407: MobileViews Podcast 407: For Mom; Audio Hijack 4; iOS 15.5; Apple subscription charge changes w/out asking; fishy lost Apple Watch story

For this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. I say farewell to my Mother
  2. Recording with Audio Hijack (they dropped the “Pro”) 4 for the first time
  3. No Android tablet with Samsung S Pen for me.
    Considered buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with bundled non-Bluetooth S Pen for $280 from Costco.for my Daily Doodle project
    Although this seems like a reasonably good deal, the problem is that the S6 Lite was released in 2020 with only 3 years of Android OS updates. So, its last update would be Android OS 13 in 2023.
    Will wait to see what Google’s 2023 Pixel Tablet looks like — and how expensive it will be!
  4. About iOS 15.5 Updates
    Wallet now enables Apple Cash customers to send and request money from their Apple Cash card
    Apple Podcasts includes a new setting to limit episodes stored on your iPhone and automatically delete older ones
    Fixes an issue where home automations, triggered by people arriving or leaving, may fail
    Fixes an issue that may cause iPhone SE (3rd gen) to unexpectedly shutdown
  5. Ugh news from The Verge:
    Apple will let your subscription apps charge you more money without asking
  6. Apple has updated its App Store rules to make it so subscriptions can auto-renew without your explicit permission, even if the developer has raised the monthly or annual price
    They do send a reminder though, I believe about a week in advance, with the price.
  7. A fishy Disney story of a lost apple watch that somehow charged $40,000 of fraudulent charges.

Audio quality note: I used the microphone in my AirPods Pro instead of the Blue USB microphone I usually use. So, I found a bit “distant” in this podcast.

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