MobileViews Podcast 406: Google rants; Rectangular is the new round

Jon Westfall tolerates my Google rants in this podcast

  1. Google rant #1
    I remembered why (1) I have only bought Google branded Nexus or Pixel devices over the years – consistency & reasonable updates. Why I won’t be getting a Samsung tablet for my Doodle-a-Day project
    The Samsung Tab S7+’s S pen is an active Bluetooth device that has features not available in other Samsung Tab devices like the similarly named S7 FE
    The S7+ keyboard has a touchpad. The S7 FE keyboard does not
    The S6 Lite also has an S-Pen and will be on sale at Costco later this week for $280. However, the S6 Lite was released in 2020 and while it will get Android 12, next year’s Android 13 will be the last update available for this device
  2. Google rant #2
    I remembered why I hate the Lenovo USI stylus for the Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 so much. The stylus lost connectivity with the Chromebook several times while trying to use it for tonight’s doodle. I had to reboot the Chromebook to get it to work. And, the image somehow flipped upside down after I finished the doodle. Infinite Painter (an Android app running on the Chromebook) doesn’t appear to have a rotate function. Neither the app nor the Chromebook settings appears to have a palm-rejection option. This led to an annoying doodle session.
  3. Google rant #3:
    Google I/O 2022
    Google announced a new Android Pixel tablet after exiting the market in 2019
    Google’s Pixel team is making an Android tablet
    But, wait, it won’t be available until 2023! Presumably around the time of the next Google I/O event. So, I won’t be getting an Android tablet for my Doodle-a-Day project in the foreseeable future.

    Google Pixel tablet 2023 (YouTube video)

    Google’s Pixel Watch might end up using a four-year-old chip

  4. Google Pixel Watch 2022 digital bezel is huge

    “Square is the new round” in a digital world

  5. Jon’s Discovery: Canonical Multipass – great for spinning up VMs and then learning Ansible to deploy / set up an instance
  6. Google Open Source Maintenance Team

    Google Open Source

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