MobileViews Podcast 405: Google mosquito forecasts; Google Security – myths & prep; KDE Okular; Android 12 for tablets?

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Okular
    Multi-platform, fast and packed with features, Okular allows you to read PDF documents, comics and EPub books, browse images, visualize Markdown documents, and much more.
    Okular supports many formats, including PDF, EPub, DjVU and MD for documents; JPEG, PNG, GIF, Tiff, WebP for images; CBR and CBZ for comics; and many, many more.
  2. Google: Security myth busting and spring cleaning
  3. Mosquitos get the swat with new forecasting technology
    Mosquito forecast unless you live in Alaska or Hawaii. And, speaking from personal experience living in both those states, both states have lots of mosquitos.
  4. Samsung has updated these devices to Android 12
    9to5google reports (as of May 6) that 12 is rolling out now. So, I may pick one up after all.
  5. Star Trek discussion detour: CheapCharts STTNG deal
  6. Discussion Topic: Where do you draw the line on security between paranoia and practicality? The most secure system is air gapped in a locked vault…. Least secure is no firewall, all ports open and a root password of ‘password’… so what do Todd & Jon view as “good” practice and “overkill” practice?

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