MobileViews Podcast 403: Paper or digital? When and why?

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Jon will be re-starting the Battling Pickle Podcast for the summer (His podcast for students in online classes & everyone else who is interested).
  2. Jon discovered a new app this week, Cyclemeter, a cycling computer app that is extremely detailed. Can track bike riding (as you’d expect) and other activities, like Walking!

    I chimed in about using RunKeeper for iPhone. You can see a memorable walk for me in the map here

  3. Apple App Store appears to be widely removing outdated apps
    One of my [Jon’s] MacOS Apps will be removed in a few weeks if I don’t update it. Haven’t updated it since 2016 and… yeah… I’m not going to worry about it being taken down. It was a freeware open port tester that I mostly used as a proof of concept.
  4. Eliza Scriptwriter’s Manual February, 1968 (PDF) “A Manual for the Use of the ELIZA Conversational Computer System
    Ref to Replika discussion two weeks ago
  5. Discussion Topic: When do you want paper vs. digital

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