MobileViews Podcast 402

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Note to self: Upgrade to Audio Hijack 4.0
  2. The joy of USB-C PD (power distribution) when away from home

  3. New Fitbit feature makes AFib detection more accessible
    Does not say when the feature will be available or which current devices (if any) can support it
  4. Fi unlimited plans now start at $20
    Title is slightly misleading. $20 unlimited per line for 4 or more lines. Still a good deal. $50 for a single line. Also, a good deal. However, you need the Unlimited Plus plan if you need service outside of the US
  5. Jon bought a different form of mobile technology. A RadExpand 5 Electric Bike. Siri is much more necessary on a bike than a walk! Mobile tech is crazy though – my bike’s LCD screen has a USB port to charge your phone while you bike.
  6. Discussion Topic: Do you use version control for anything? If so, professionally and personally? Thinking about using Git more for various things, including (of course) code and configuration files. But wondering about extensive explorations: Word Docs, Powerpoints, etc…?

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