MobileViews Podcast 400!

  1. Surprise! Windows 11 is NOT popular. Techradar: Windows 11 just isn’t as popular as MS wanted it to be
  2. In-app(car) purchases? The Aui Q4 E-Tron sync HVAC function. TheDrive: Sync HVAC function behind a paywall on an Audi Q4 E-Tron
  3. Dyson Zone air purifying headphones NOT an April Fools joke? Dyson Zone: air purifying headphones
  4. A college professor (Jon) wonders if Google’s writing assistant will mask student skill levels when adjusting teaching for classes. The Verge Google wants you to write better
  5. CNET: Apple iOS 15.4.1 Update: Fixes for Battery-Drain Bug, Security Issues
  6. Looking back at “potential” podcast topics from 2014 that we didn’t discuss back then. What is still around in 2022?

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