MobileViews Podcast 399: Looking back at the Boston Pocket PC Users Group w/Jack Cook, Steven Hughes, & Don Sorcinelli

Jon Westfall and I are joined by old friends Jack Cook, Steven Hughes (who we last heard from in podcast 187 way back in Dec. 2016), and Don Sorcinelli to look back at the Boston Pocket PC Users Group that I was an admirer off. Unfortunately, I’m the only member of this podcast that did not actually attend any of their meetings! We also discuss:

  1. Todd’s mini-rant about the reviving a Dell Inspiron 15 5500 (2015 model) by running Windows 10 system refresh and re-discovering that its magnet screen closure mechanism that shuts down if you are wearing a metallic/magnetic smartwatch band.
  2. We also discovered that Microsoft Teams recently put a time limit (60 minutes) on group personal conference calls. It cut us off without warning after at 60 minutes!
  3. Jon’s three questions for our panelists:
    What’s the best piece of hardware you’ve used in the past year – any type of device.
    What’s the best software find you’ve had?
    What’s the best tech accessory you’ve discovered?
  4. Steven Hughes’ list of tech gadget/services recommendations!
    Kia eNiro
    Dell 43-inch display
    Mouse Wrist Guard
    Penbook for Windows
    Penbook for iOS (for iPad) there is a beta available for iPhone via their website
    Ultimate Guitar Tab for iOS
    Ultimate Guitar Tab for Android

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