MobileViews Podcast 389: Monet & more plus Coconut the Cat

Jon Westfall and I are back after a brief hiatus. We are joined by (briefly) Coconut the Cat. In this podcast, they discuss:

  1. Apple added the last Macbook Pro with a DVD Drive to the Vintage List – Amazing how quickly DVDs / Optical Media came in and out of our lives – 15 or so years.
  2. Google’s Pixel Foldable Notebook?. With this rumor and rumors of a Google watch and obviously the existence of Pixel… will 2022 finally be the year Google gets a cohesive ecosystem like Apple
  3. Jon’s Tech Find (Via a friend, Matt Rozema): Ventoy. Finally gives me the best of both worlds on my USB drive that I keep on my person – I can boot off of it, but also still have all of the available storage. I had been using Yumi previously.
  4. I wrote Task Manager and I just remembered something…<.a>
  5. “I’m the Microsoft (Redmond, ’93) developer that wrote TaskMgr at home in my den in about 1994 and then the NT silverback devs let me check it into the main tree even though I was a greenhorn at the time. So that meant I got to bring it into work and polish it up and make it an official part of Windows, where it remains to this day. So I got to define my own day job, actually, which was nice! I don’t know if it’s still like that, but great culture and people.

    This is all based on XP, as I left long ago, but it’s still the same core app underneath.

  6. First, there was the Van Gogh Experience. Next, the Monet Experience
    The surprising role of technology in enabling 19th century impressionist art
    Trains enabled artists to travel quickly and easily to relatively distant places.
    The paint tube was invented in 1841. Previously, artists had to mix their own paints which would dry quickly. Paint tubes let them travel with their tools
    I don’t know if “serious” artists use iPads or other modern drawing tech. But, I wonder how its influence will be viewed in the future.

    An interesting movie: Tim’s Vermeer

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