MobileViews Podcast 377: iPad mini 6 1st impressions; iOS 15 walking steadiness; Windows CE 25th anniversary

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Windows CE 25th anniversary year: November 16, 1996
  2. Measure your walking steadiness with your iPhone
    iOS 15 walking asymmetry using iPhone 8 or newer – can help with fall prevention
  3. Setup iPad mini 6 using an iPad mini 5 did not work
    Using an iPhone 12 Pro did
    Restored from iPad mini 5 backup
    Microsoft Teams did not sync data. Uninstalled, installed fresh, signed in – worked
    inherited Bluetooth pairing limited to Apple devices
    Not non-Apple devices, e.g., Anker keyboard
    Fingerprint ID on power button works well
    Wish I could use it from right side in landscape mode
    Smart Folio is nice AND expensive. I wonder how durable it is?
    Can’t see battery level in portrait mode lock screen – block by Touch ID label Can see battery level in landscape lock screen orientation
    iOS 15 “focus” features
  4. iPad mini 6 exhibits ‘jelly scrolling’ display refresh issue
  5. Use Scenarios for 2 iPads: Explain Everything (Collaborative White Board) + Notes on the lectern at work. What are other times when you 2 devices is better than 1 even with multitasking?

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