MobileViews Podcast 370: Guest Sven Johannsen. Microsoft Teams, KilledByGoogle, Midinote, Ghost Cert; Apple MagSafe Battery Pack; iPad mini rumors; Dell Inspiron 7506; Streaks

Jon Westfall and I are joined by frequent guest panelist Sven Johannsen in podcast 370. We discussed:

  1. Is Microsoft Teams for personal use really Teams?
  2. Dead and soon-to-die Google services: Google Graveyard
    I haven’t used Google Bookmarks since 2016 but exported the bookmarks anyway. Bookmarks will disappear after the end of September.
    Still having problems printing from Chromebooks after Google Cloud Print was killed in 2020.
  3. Midinote beta Tags that eventually form a mindmap
  4. Mini-rant: Can’t find an expired certificate in iOS/iPadOS. Not in the obvious place where other certs are found
  5. Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Slam dunk or sploosh
  6. iPad Mini refresh rumors flourishing
  7. Dell 16” Inspiron 7506 2-1, with pen with pen storage
  8. iMessage vs RCS vs SMS
  9. Streaks app now allows up to 24 items vs 12
  10. One Last Thing: Jon Discovered a Mac Setting he never knew existed (Keep Folders on Top)

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