MobileViews Podcast 369: Switch from Skype to Teams for podcasting

Jon Westfall and I are back podcasting after a brief hiatus.

Looking to the future, we’re testing using Microsoft Teams instead of Microsoft Skype connect for this podcast. Microsoft is building Teams into Windows 11. Our interpretation is that Teams will eventually replace Skype for personal use as it did with Skype for Business (formerly Lync; which sunsets this month – July 2021).

Having not used the Teams app on our Macs, we both found it interesting that that Teams supports using the MacBook Pro’s touchbar.

I made one small change to Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack Pro’s audio path recording software to use Teams instead of Skype.

In other activities:

Jon’s been playing with ioBroker in a Docker container to automate switching his Eufy cameras into “Away” mode when he leaves, since Eufy’s app is trash when it comes to geofencing!

He also talks about tech he took with him on his most recent road trip. What did he actually use? And, what was dead weight? He discusses both in the podcast.